Welcome to Inspired Living Events!

Would you like a meaningful night out that leaves you feeling inspired and empowered to make positive changes in your life? Would you like to spend a weekend with some incredible, like-minded people, eat organic food, connect with nature and escape technology?

Yes? Then you're in the right place.

We want YOU to join the movement of people who want to be naturally healthy, extraordinarily happy and help protect this beautiful planet by living sustainably.

We source eye-opening films, engaging guest speakers, delicious organic food, healthy products and services and bring them all together for you at our exciting events. Get yourself to our next film night, workshop and/or retreat to connect with some fantastic people, have a great time and be inspired!

What people are saying.... 

"I am obsessed with Inspired Living! Kristen and the team have helped me so much this year on deepening my knowledge and awareness around health, sustainability, permaculture and the importance of rejuvenation. I have so much more knowledge now than I did before and I truly feel like I'm now living/trying hard to live a conscious and ethical lifestyle! Thanks Kristen for your community, for the inspiration and for changing mine and others lives! You rock!" Kristie Ord - 48 Degrees Raw Cafe

 "The community atmosphere at these events is amazing. Not only do you get to enjoy a film with a room full of like-minded people but you get to take action from the message that is conveyed. That is so very powerful." Leah Williamson - Brisbane Paleo Group 

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